Atlanta - East Community Information

In keeping with the hard-earned renovation that began more than 20 years ago, Atlanta’s City Council has actively promoted interest in East Atlanta and supported its continuing growth. A new zoning classification was applied to the area’s businesses, which organized building heights and appropriated each individual development site for ideal use. The City Council also funded a streetscape improvement project, and façade improvements on buildings and homes have been subsidized by the Atlanta Development Authority.

The residents of East Atlanta, themselves take pride and part in maintaining the new image of the place they call home by volunteering their time preserving the history of the neighborhood, sponsoring festivals and keeping local parks beautiful, among countless other personal donations. The neighborhood association, EACA, works with the Atlanta City Council, Zone 6 of the Atlanta Police Department, and the Atlanta Fire Department to present a united assurance that East Atlanta will remain the culturally rich, historically lovely, safe, quirky place it has become. It is no wonder people have begun to take notice of this enticing alternative to the suburban lifestyle of the burgeoning metropolitan area. If living on a street with hometown appeal while just steps away from exciting strips of dining and entertainment, all while right next door to the modern conveniences of a thriving big city sounds ideal to you, the neighborhood of East Atlanta could very well be your new home.